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Dyson Cordless Stick Vacuum Models Comparison Chart (updated: 2016)

by Dadvocated - Last Updated : 09-27-2016

Ever since my recent article where I compared the Dyson V6 versus V8, I’ve had numerous emails sent in - asking them to confirm the differences between the other cordless vacuums too like the DC59, DC44, DC35 as well as the different versions between the multi floor, animal vs absolute and so on.

Philips Norelco 9300 Vs 9700: Quick Comparison & Differences

by Dadvocated - Last Updated : 09-26-2016

Don’t worry.

You aren’t alone when trying to work out what on earth is even the difference between the Norelco 9300 and 9700.

Comparison Chart: Compare Keurig Models - Side by Side (Updated: 2016)

by Dadvocated - Last Updated : 09-26-2016

Put it this way.

If you’re a coffee lover, you’re gonna sure as hell love Keurig coffee machines - that much is straightforward.

Braun 9090cc Vs 9095cc - Any Differences? Which Series 9 Shaver to Choose?

by Dadvocated - Last Updated : 09-24-2016

Are you comparing the two premium series 9 braun shavers, 9090cc and the 9095cc - but still don’t know what the heck is the difference between each model?

That’s because they are ‘practically’ almost identical in all features and aspects apart from one…

Roomba 960 Vs 980: An In-Depth Comparison Review - Which is Best?

by Dadvocated - Last Updated : 09-18-2016

There’s been a new addition to the Roomba 900 series family, the 960 - in many ways it’s iRobot’s second most advanced robotic vacuum.

It’s the second robot vacuum in their family to have the wi-fi enabled system, which is pretty cool, as it basically allows you to operate the roomba remotely (without control) so it can be pretty much anywhere in the house and you can instruct it what to do - but more on that later.

“Keurig K55 Vs K250 - What’s the Difference? And Which to Get?

by Dadvocated - Last Updated : 09-16-2016

There’s no doubt Keurig coffee machines certainly appeal to coffee lovers…

… I mean what’s not to love about hand free coffee making - with a simple plug in of a few buttons you’ve got access to a range of custom settings to brew the perfect cuppa.

Keurig K475 Vs K575: 4 Main Differences - ‘Full Comparison’

by Dadvocated - Last Updated : 09-04-2016

A Keurig coffee machine is a sound way to go about getting a decent home brewing system, I should know I’ve had three already...

... and just invested in a new one, after the latest has been on its last legs for a while.

Robot Wars: Anker RoboVac 10 Vs Roomba - Who Wins?

by Dadvocated - Last Updated : 09-01-2016

Since my latest update on how my Anker Robovac is getting on and the recent debate as to whether to get the Roomba 860 or 880 - I’ve had some awesome feedback and questions, so thank you very much for that. But, there is a question that keeps popping over and over again…

“Should I go for the Anker RoboVac 10 or a Roomba?”

“Ahh Coffee” | Keurig 2.0: K550 Vs K575 - What’s the Difference?

by Dadvocated - Last Updated : 08-29-2016

It’s come to that special time of year again, no it’s not my wife’s and I’s wedding anniversary or even my birthday - the coffee machine has been on its last legs for a while now and I think it’s just about time to get a new brewing system.

Fun times, ey? Coffee machine shopping!

Dyson Canister Vs Upright Vacuum: BIG BALL - Pros & Cons & Which to Go For?

by Dadvocated - Last Updated : 08-20-2016

Struggling to figure out whether a Dyson upright or canister is the way to go for you?

No sweat. Hopefully after reading this little comparison I’ve drawn up after going through a similar debate myself, you will be a bit clearer over which one is right for you.

6 Great Roomba Alternatives: Cheaper & Better Options To Consider

by Dadvocated - Last Updated : 08-09-2016

Let’s face it.

Shopping for robot vacuums isn’t a whole lot of fun (unless you’re me).

iRobot Roomba Model Comparison Chart (All-Up-to-Date 2016)

by Dadvocated - Last Updated : 07-31-2016
Roomba 880 iRobot Vacuum

Since my latest comparison of the Roomba 860 versus the Roomba 880, I’ve had a bunch of emails asking me about other Roomba models and like I’ve done with the Dyson comparison chart, I thought I’d make another one for the robot vacuums.

First off, a brief ‘thumbs up’.

Roomba 860 Vs 880: Which to Get? And What’s the Difference?

by Dadvocated - Last Updated : 07-23-2016
Roomba 880 iRobot Vacuum

Debating whether to make the leap for the Roomba 860 or the Roomba 880? Or like I was, just a little confused about all the differences between the 860, 870 and 880?

Don’t worry, I’ve already been there, so hopefully I can save you from trying to workout exactly which is the best one for you (for those who want a quick answer, I’d recommend you go for the Roomba 880).

Anker RobotVac 10 In-Depth Review: Best Robot Vacuum Under $200? Quite Possibly!

by Dadvocated - Last Updated : 07-19-2016
Anker RobotVac 10 - Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re fancying the idea of a robot vacuum, however have been put off a little by the price of a Roomba or the Dyson 360 Eye - chances are, since you are here - you’ve come across this fellow who sides on the cheaper end of the scale at just under 200 bucks (currently at the time of writing at just $199.99).

The RobotVac 10 is actually a fairly new model so you won’t see many reviews around as of yet, so hopefully this can go someway into helping you to decide whether to make the plunge or not. However, if you are after just wondering whether it’s worth the 200 dollars for a decent robot vacuum, then my short answer is...

Dyson V6 vs V8: Differences? Longer Lasting, 20% More Powerful and More.

by Dadvocated - Last Updated : 07-16-2016
Dyson V8 Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner

So you too are struggling to work out ‘exactly’ what the heck is the difference between the Dyson V6 and V8? Whether it’s actually worth the extra dosh or you should opt for the already rather expensive V6?

Dyson AM05 Vs AM09 Hot + Cool | 75% Quieter & Still Gorgeous (In-Depth Review)

by Dadvocated - Last Updated : 07-12-2016
Dyson AM09 Fan Heater Hot + Cold

EEyeing up a Dyson Hot + Cool? Being a bit of a Dyson fan myself and then after seeing one of these at my friend’s home office about a week back - I’ve got to say, I’m keen to splurge on one too.

Now, granted they are on the pricey side of things, but let’s be frank, it is a gorgeous looking bit of kit and by all accounts it actually does a fantastic job all year round both as a space heater and a fan. The question arises though after looking into it (as I’m sure you’ve come across too if you are reading this) is the which model to go for the AM04, AM05 or the latest AM09?