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Braun 9090cc Vs 9095cc - Any Differences? Which Series 9 Shaver to Choose?

Braun Series 9090 Series Shaver

Are you comparing the two premium series 9 braun shavers, 9090cc and the 9095cc - but still don’t know what the heck is the difference between each model?

That’s because they are ‘practically’ almost identical in all features and aspects apart from one…

Wet and Dry Technology, that the Braun 9095 model has featured but the 9090 doesn’t. Literally simple as that.

What the wet & dry tech basically allows for the 9095 to do is to use a foam or a gel (they don’t recommend you using a shave cream however) on your face which can basically help you have a less irritable shave. A quick side note though for those of you are ending up with any razor rash (as told by Braun themselves) is that chances are - you’re probably pressing the shaver down too abruptly, ease it up a little.

Which to go for the 9050 or 9095?

Well, there you have it - the only thing you really need to consider is whether you are one for shaving with a gel or foam (I know I am, so I would opt for the 9095cc between the two) or if you aren’t that bothered - then going dry is fine for you and hence the 9090 is just fine.

What you do get though - either way is one hell of a good shaver:

Braun even claim the series 9 shavers to be their “most efficient and comfortable shaver” yet with all the latest technology.

For instance.


This basically allows the 9090 or 9095 to actually “adapt” to your beard through “reading it” (via checking the density & thickness, 2.6 times every single second) and then coupled with added sonic technology allows to filter extra power through the particularly tough parts and denseness of your beard.

Titanium Coating

Both the foil shavers are built with a super tough, highly endurable as well as being resistant to corrosion. Not only that though, it makes for a pretty sleek to the shaver too.

Four Shaving Elements

Flexi Shaving

You will see from the image above, that it has individual cutting elements laid across the top of the shaver. They are different cutters that are mounted on a pivot head to ‘rock and throw’ to the natural contour of your face. This basically allows to get better and more skin contact to ensure for a fuller & more thorough shave.

They split it up into two motions the macro: which is the entire head adjusting to the contour of your face (which you will notice most) -- as well as the micro motion: which is the “individual suspension” of cutting aspects adjusting to even the tiniest of indentations on your face allowing for an ultra smooth shave.

Charging & Cleansing Docking Station

They also come with one of the most sophisticated cleaning and charging systems, pretty much in the entire shaving market.

See it comes with a five action alcohol based cleaning and charging station that claims to remove all but 0.01% of germs at the single press of a button.

It will also provide some added lubrication to the shaver, then dry it out and have it all charged ready for you to get to work on your man scruff.

‘Added Features & Aspects’

Since it is a series 9 shaver it also has all the best aspects from the past series 7, 5 and 3 braun models too.

For instance, the precision trimmer is built in - to offer a better and more accurate shaping to sideburns as well as any detailing that needs to be carried out. It’s simply a case of popping it up out the back of the shaver and you are away.

It also comes with a multi head lock system that basically enables nice and easy access to ‘locking the head’ so it isn’t always rotating around - five different positions allow for those awkward parts just underneath your jawline.

As you’d expect when it comes to designing the ergonomics of the 9090 & 9095 all have been taken in hand with a neatly curved shaped to fit right into your grip as well as added rubber textured grips to give you extra hold even when the shaver is wet. This is handy because the 9095 is actually entirely waterproof (and can be even submerged up to 5 metres), so they are more than practical for using in a shower or giving it a thorough clean through a tap.

The battery performance is pretty impressive too. It’s integrated with a latest edition lithium ion battery that ensures it never fades in performance and is fully charged up in just 60 minutes (there is an LED display that lets you know when it is running low on power too). The LED display also gives you information with regards to hygiene as well as the a the travel lock indicator.

You can actually shave whilst it is charging too but if you are in need of a quick five minute shave it can offer that too and pretty reliably as well.

Both models come in basically a range of three different colors: a chrome, silver as well as a blue and black combo. You might find different packages also come with a few extra accessories - most however do come with the addition of a travel case allowing you to take it as and where you need it, in a nice tight manner. You’ll also get a cleaning brush to clean out any spare bits of hair that have got caught up in the shaver.

As you can see the 9 series really is an all round fantastic piece of kit and it’s literally a case of do you want to shave with or without a gel/foam? If your skin needs the extra layer then shoot for the 9095, if you aren’t fussed either way or prefer a dry shave you can go for the 9095 if needs must (as that can do both) but the 9090 will see you right as well.

As always shoot an email over if you’ve got any questions and let me know which model you’re going for.