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Dyson Cordless Stick Vacuum Models Comparison Chart (updated: 2016)

Dyson Cordless V6 Vacuum Cleaner

Ever since my recent article where I compared the Dyson V6 versus V8, I’ve had numerous emails sent in - asking them to confirm the differences between the other cordless vacuums too like the DC59, DC44, DC35 as well as the different versions between the multi floor, animal vs absolute and so on.

So I thought to make things a little easier for everyone I thought I would do a great big comparison chart of Dyson digital slims with all the different features and aspects so you can easily compare one off against the other and which one represents the best overall value for money.

Note: we’re keeping this page live, so we'll continue to add the latest models.

- Dyson DC35 Dyson DC44 Dyson DC59 Dyson V6 Dyson V8
Technology Root Cyclone Root Cyclone Radial Root Cyclone 2 Tier Radial Root Cyclone (15) 2 Tier Radial Root Cyclone (15)
Standard Run Time 15 minutes 20 minutes 26 minutes 20 minutes 40 minutes
Boost Run Time 6 minutes 8 minutes 6 minutes 6 minutes 7 minutes
Trigger Technology No No Yes Yes Yes
Average Charge Time 3.5 hours 5.5 hours 3.5 hours 3.5 hours 5 hours
Weight 4.85 lbs 4.9 lbs 4.6lbs 5.95 lbs 5.75 lbs
Air Watts (power) Std: 28 | Boost: 65 Std: 28 | Boost: 65 Std: 28 | Boost: 100 Std: 28 | Boost: 100 Std: 28 | Boost: 115
Bin Capacity 0.09 gal 0.09 gal 0.12 gal 0.105 gal 0.12 gal
Length 44.1” 44.1” 47.8” 46.5” 48.8”
Cleaner Head Motorized floor tool Motorised floor tool Gen3 . Carbon Fiber / Motorhead Direct Drive / Soft Roller Direct Drive / Soft Roller
Filtration Standard Standard Standard Efficient & HEPA Efficient
Price $ $ $$ $$ $$$
Warranty 2 Year 2 Year 2 Year 2 Year 2 Year
Note: The Dyson cordless models have been arranged in the order of release. Starting with Dyson DC35 and the latest being the Dyson V8

Just to give a brief rundown on each model. The Dyson DC35 was the first original Dyson Digital slim and the introduction from Dyson to cordless vacuum cleaners that was later replaced with the Dyson DC44.

The major differences to note between these two models is the improvement made in the run time of the DC44 lasting longer on both fronts (of standard mode and the boost time). Next came the later version, the Dyson DC59 that later introduced the trigger technology that basically allows for the vacuum to run for a little longer as well as an improvement in a few practical aspects too (an improved bin capacity, being lighter as well as the suction power).

Then there was a quick release of the next two versions that have been released rather quickly in replacing one another. The Dyson DC59 vs V6 was mainly an improvement in the Dyson Digital motor being more efficient as well as the cleaner heads getting a serious uplift.

You will see from the comparison chart of the cordless Dyson vacuums above that the V6 comes with a soft roller, specifically designed for effective use on carpets as well as the direct drive for hard based flooring (better than the DC59’s all purpose cleaner head). Most of the actual power and main features are the same with the DC59 just the extra attachments and features of the V6 is what gives it the distinctive edge.

Then of course there is the latest model, the Dyson V8 (which like I mentioned is the one I’ve recently purchased for a rather sound price) that’s been improved upon quite significantly in a few ways, that makes it the first real cordless vacuum that doesn’t need supplement help from a standard vacuum. You can see that the run time is up to 40 minutes on standard, which is 14 minutes than the next best yet is performing at a better suction rate. It’s also got the best suction power of 115 airwatts, of course though it is the most expensive but personally I think it is worth every cent.

Which Dyson cordless vacuum version should you get?

- Multi Floor (aka Cord Free) Basic. All floor types. Animal Cleans all flooring and handles pet hair. Total Clean Comes with advanced cleaner heads & handles pet hair. Fluffy Suitable for all floor types with the advanced carpet cleaning head. Flexi The basic model with an array of “extra” exclusive tools. Absolute For high performance across all floor types and deals with pet hair.
Docking Station
Combination Tool
Rigid Crevice Tool
Stubborn Dirt Brush
Flexi Crevice Tool
Up Top Tool
Mini Motorised Tool
Motorised Cleaner Head
Soft Roller Cleaner Head
Direct Drive Cleaner Head
Hard Floor Cleaner Head

Now every vacuum model is the same (like we specified above) but what often causes further confusion for Dyson vacuum buyers is the different versions that come with each one. For instance, the Dyson V6 actually comes in 5 to 6 varying types (with more in other countries) however, all you’ve got to pay attention to is the varying accessories and attachments that comes with each - this, and the different colours is the only difference between all the models.

For instance just for example, the comparison table below charts all the different accessories that come with each. I’ve charted it in a way, that it’s mostly least premium to most premium.

Docking Station

As you can see every model of the Dyson V6 (and pretty much all Dyson cordless vacuums as well) come with the docking station that conveniently stores the Dyson away whilst it charges. Mine just sits by the side of a cupboard and works a treat for quick and easy access.

Combination Tool

You will see that most of the models also come with a neat little combo tool as well that’s basically a short crevice for reaching the corners that also doubles up as a powered brush tool as well (for intensive dusting cleaning).

Rigid Crevice Tool

In many ways similar to the combination tool, but is a little more robust and longer. Useful for cleaning the awkward places that are difficult to get into, along the top skirtings of walls and air vents.

Stubborn Dirt Brush

A neat little attachment that's purposefully designed for removing those particularly tough stains. It's fitted with tough nylon bristles that performs a sort of flicking motion to loosen up dirt particles that then get's sucked up.

Up Top Tool

This little contraption does how it sounds, it cleans the tops of cupboards, shelves and other hard to reach places - acting in a hook type fashion - that's adaptable to where you want to clean. Pretty nifty really.

Mini Motorised Tool

This device (almost like a separate cleaner head really) it is specifically designed for those households who suffer with a troublesome pet hair problem. It will drain the power a little quicker than the standard cleaner head, so watch out for that - but darn it works like a treat.

Motorised Cleaner Head

A sophisticated cleaner head that's essentially an upgrade to the standard carbon fiber that you will see on the DC35 and DC44 models. It acts to remove more dirt and grime across all floor types and is effective at clearing up the tough dug-in dirt.

Soft Roller Cleaner Head

A specially designed carpet cleaner head that offers full-width suction that's been engineered to pick up both ultra fine particles of dust as well bigger clumps through integrated rows of "anti-static" carbon fibre filaments. The roller also has a "soft woven nylon" that ensures a tight seal with your floor.

Direct Drive Cleaner Head

Essentially this is an improvement on the motorised cleaner head (that you get with the Animal version) it applies 75% more brush bar power - penetrating your carpet more thoroughly to remove even more traces of dirt and dust. Like the soft roller, it's fitted with carbon fibre filaments right across the head to allow for 'right to the brim' cleaning.

Working out which Dyson cordless to go for.

Now, I’ve been a bit of a Dyson fan for a long while.

Literally just invested in the new Hot + Cool - so I’m always tempted to go for the latest model.

But for the majority as you can see from the above comparison tables it’s basically about i) what you need from the vacuum and ii) the budget you’ve got to play with. For instance, if you’re on a bit of the limited end, it’s probably worth looking at either the Dyson DC35 or the DC44 and once you’ve chosen which model you like the look of it’s time to decide what version (and what attachments come with it).

If you’ve got a bit more of a budget, I’d definitely think about going with the Dyson V6 model and working out from there what model to get as they are looking like the best value for money at the moment. If want the best of the best, the Dyson V8 Absolute is the way to go - the top model and comes with all the trimmings - I got one and think it’s worth every scent as it’s pretty much the only one that can pretty much replace a full on corded vacuum cleaner for a small to medium sized house.

One thing to note though when you are looking for the best prices and the differences amongst all the versions, if you head to somewhere like amazon - it won’t always quite make sense. For instance, you might find that you can get a Dyson DC59 animal for the same price or even a bit cheaper than a Dyson DC35 - in which case the DC59 is the obvious model to go for.