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Keurig K475 Vs K575: 4 Main Differences - ‘Full Comparison’

Keurig K575 Coffee Machine

A Keurig coffee machine is a sound way to go about getting a decent home brewing system, I should know I’ve had three already...

... and just invested in a new one, after the latest has been on its last legs for a while.

And they’ve all been great, so I’m looking forward to getting a fresh cuppa from the latest Keurig 2.o, K575 too. But, when it comes to choosing which Keurig machine to go for?

It ain’t that easy to actually distinguish what on earth is the difference between them all (there are literally dozens of models, all with different product codes for slight variations in features).

That’s why I thought I’d do a handy comparison guide between two of the most up and coming Keurig models, the K475 and K575 - so you know exactly which one you should get and why but first for those who want the brief notes:

Brief Summary of Differences

Really, they are very much the same model. It’s just the K575 has a few more enhancements than the K475 and a few upgraded features hence why Keurig call it “The Ultimate brewer”.


You can see they look pretty much identical. The K475 is actually the same size as the K575, but certainly not to such an extent to be concerned with the amount of space it is taking up on your kitchen work surface.

There is a slight difference in the finishes though. With the K575 it comes in one premium finish, the platinum look where as with the K475 you actually get a choice of three colors: simple black, sandy pearl and vintage red (which I do think looks pretty sweet). It would have been nice to have more colors available for the K575, cooler still to have as many options as the KitchenAid mixers.

Brewing Options

The K475 and K575 are capable of brewing a wide range of coffee pods the K-Cup, K-Mug, K-Vue and K-Carafe, however the K575 has an extra brewing size. An 18 oz, giving 10 different size options in total compared to 9.

With regards to brew time they are pretty much the same, an extra feature that the K575 does have however is the ‘hot water on demand’, simply hit a button and have access to instant hot water. Slightly different to the K550, in that you don’t actually have to hold it down either - so a nice little improvement there too.


Not exactly a huge deal but there have been some improvements in some of the practical features too. You might have noticed when comparing the two together that the K575 looks to have a slightly larger screen because it indeed does. An “extra large” 2.8 inches as opposed to 2.4 inches, hardly anything to get worked up over - but for those who are heavy fingered, I guess it could be an advantage.

It even comes with a cool customizable neon light for you to illuminate your brewing machine with the K575 but both come with the energy saving feature and display clock. It also comes with a slightly larger water reservoir - but both can be considered family sized at the least, allowing roughly 8+ 8 oz cups on the spot. It’s always nice not to have to keep refilling though, it depends on your situation really. I’d imagine most people don’t want to have to keep refilling the tank just to have a brew - granted you have to do it at least once a day for the sake of hygiene - but more than once is excessive. You will have an idea as to how many brews you do one average, so it is a point of working it from there.

For me the K575 just makes sense, because the price difference isn’t massive and 10 oz isn’t exactly huge - so having that bit more (which they state to be the largest) seems like a good way to go.

So, the K475 or K575?

I know I have just highlighted a series of differences but in actual fact, the two coffee machines are in principle actually more similar than they are different.

They both offer a wide range of pods that you can brew (from the cup, mug and carafe), boasts a great intuitive touch display with a range of customizable settings where you can alter the strength of the brew and can adjust the temperature also. They’ve also got the energy saving mode built in where when they are simply not in use, it will automatically turn the brewing machine off - you can even do it via an “auto on/off” setting it via a timer.

Granted the K575 does come with a few extra little features - bells & whistles - but it won’t have a dramatic effect on the everyday brewing. That said, there isn’t huge disparity in pricing either. For a bit extra you do get a nice few benefits (a larger screen, extra touch control, a larger reservoir), and if you prefer the platinum finish as well it makes sense to go with the K575.

I’d be keen to know which one you go for and why.