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“Keurig K55 Vs K250 - What’s the Difference? And Which to Get?

Keurig K250 Coffee Brewing System

There’s no doubt Keurig coffee machines certainly appeal to coffee lovers…

… I mean what’s not to love about hand free coffee making - with a simple plug in of a few buttons you’ve got access to a range of custom settings to brew the perfect cuppa.

What’s not so simple though, is trying to workout what the ‘heck’ is the difference between them - what features come with what, is it a single cup, Keurig 2.0 -and so on?

And since you’ve asked very nicely (in a few emails) on whether you should be getting the K55 or K250 - we decided to put together a brief head to head to help you out with which one you should be going for and whether the more advanced model is worth the dosh or not.

Summary of Key Differences

The K250 offers you additional pod compatibility with the K-Cup, K-Vue, K-Mug and the K-Carafe - the K55 on the other hand just offers the K-Cup.

With that the K55 offers just 3 brew sizes: 6, 8, 10 whereas the K250 offers 10 (updated: added an additional) in total (4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 22, 26, 30 oz) amongst the varying pods.

The K55 does however boast a larger water reservoir of 48 oz to that of the K250’s 40 oz.

Although the K55 doesn’t offer a touch screen like that of the K250, you can alter the settings with button controls on the brewing machine itself.

Keurig K55

Keurig K55 Coffee Maker

Size: H - 13” x W - 9.8” x D - 13.3”

First, off. What you’re going to love about either the K55 or the K250 or for any Keurig coffee machine (at least that I’m aware of) is that you can pretty much bet your bottom dollar that you are going to get a proper brewed cup of coffee - without any issues.

That said, it’s not just coffee what the K55 is capable of making either - whether you want tea, a mug of hot chocolate or even iced beverages -- all is available under 60 seconds. Not bad, ey? Of course you also get the massive array of K-cup pods on offer - so you can try a different coffee beverage as and when you want.

The K55 uses the K-Cup pods only and as such brews the following cup sizes of 6 oz, 8 oz and 10 oz - that’s simply selected from the push buttons. Essentially, small, medium and large.

A rather useful drip tray (trust me, that will certainly come in handy) - a 48 oz reservoir which is actually quite substantial, but you will find yourself filling up quite often (depending on how much of an avid coffee drinker you are I guess).

You also have an auto-off setting that you can switch on which basically, if you haven’t used it in a while it will auto-power save. There’s also a range of ‘indicator lights’ letting you know what’s what.

You are quite limited on your choice of finishings with the K55 it’s either a black or a rather bold & dashing rhubarb (hey, each to their own).

When you first get hold of the coffee maker you should get a little K-Cup pod variety pack too, with about four in there to try from the get go.

You also get a water filter handle as well as two additional filters.

Keurig K250

Keurig K250 Strawberry Coffee Maker

Size: H - 15” x W - 9” x D - 13.7”

After comparing the features and different aspects, to me the K250 is essentially exactly how it’s meant to be presented, I guess…

… and that’s an advanced version of the K250, offering that bit more with a wider range of 7 different finishes.

Instead of side push buttons, you know have a 2 inch touch display screen to alter the settings and customize exactly what you are after. With a range of additional variables such as ‘ strength control’ - so you can get your coffee just the way you like it - as well as a high altitude setting.

Of course because it can make use of a wider range of coffee pods, the new Keurig 2.0 brewing technology comes nicely into play too. Where it basically knows which pod you are brewing (from the lids) so you are provided with the perfect brew. Every. Single. Time.

Like the K55 you can also brew a range of different beverages, specifically hot chocolate, tea, chai and mochas etc. They will mostly come from the pods you decide to choose (with 500+ variations).

It does come with a slightly smaller reservoir of 40 oz, plus it doesn’t come with it’s own carafe - which is a little bit disappointing on both counts, but hardly the worst case scenario. But, you do have more brewing sizes on offer:

As with both models, they both get the reusable filters and some extra pods for you to try out when you get going with it.

Which to go for the Keurig K55 or K250?

Both models are pretty great in their own right - but which you go for basically just comes down to preference.

If you drink coffee mostly for yourself or within a small family, then the K55 might be the way to go - where you can just refill the water reservoir as you go and aren’t after anything overly complicated.

If you want to get a bit more to grips with the coffee machine but aren’t quite requiring the need for a 60 or 70 oz water reservoir (if you are, I suggest you take a look at the K475 or the K575) - then the K250 will be more up your alley. As seen, from the features above it has a bit more about it when it comes to customizing the brewing settings and has a few additional features that you might find rather useful.

Of course, it is also more compatible amongst the different coffee pods as well for when you are after brewing for different sizes and what not. It might even come down to a simple selection of ‘color’ matching with the rest of your kitchen appliances - and the K55 unfortunately with black and rhubarb doesn’t quite cut it.

Either way, let me know which model you go for and why? And as always don’t hesitate to drop in a question - I’ll always try to give the best answer I can.