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Philips Norelco 9300 Vs 9700: Quick Comparison & Differences

Philips Norelco Series 9000 Electric Shaver

Don’t worry.

You aren’t alone when trying to work out what on earth is even the difference between the Norelco 9300 and 9700.

And quite frankly when comparing them, there’s barely any difference to be had at all - they are literally as follows:

What’s the Difference?

There are basically three ‘factors’ although minor to say the least that separates the two from each other.

9300: Light Chrome | 9700: Dark Chrome/Nickel

It’s not completely clear from the images of both models when you look online, but close up - you will notice that the 9300 is a slightly lighter satin chrome when compared to the 9700 which is a darker nickel type color. So as of yet, no major differences.

9300: 5 Battery Level Bars | 9700: Battery Percentage

Again, there’s no huge change here. It’s simply the way the two models go about displaying the ‘power’ left in the trimmer before it needs a recharge. The 9300 oes about it in 5 segments, each representing 20% - as it loses power it goes down to eventually one bar and then none.

The 9700 however is actually far more detailed, giving it to the exact percentage of what’s left in the battery tank? How useful that is, I’m not entirely sure to be honest - but I’d still rather it be accurate to the percentage than a few bars, but that’s being pretty pedantic isn’t it? This apparently constitutes to the “digital user interface”.

9300: Staggered Indications | 9700: Progress Bar

As the station is cleaning and charging your shavers just the way that it is informing you is slightly different, in the same respect as the battery life left above. The 9300 is staggered so it will light up and let you know once it is done whereas the 9700 is a slow build up process and you’ll see a bar light up around the rim of the station as it works through each process one by one.

So there you have it, that’s pretty much all you’ve got to consider when weighing up whether to go for the 9300 or 9700 - but all in all, there’s not really much in it. Literally all the other details and features remain the same.

Described by Phillips as their most “advanced” shaver yet.

They are both wet and dry (through the aquatec seal) shavers meaning you can basically use it with or without shaving gel or foam (not cream though, as that tends to be a little more viscous and can get caught up with the shaver).


The Norelco shaver is designed to move in an oct-(eight)-directions to adjust the differing contours of your face - “ContourDetect technology”, that will manage to catch “20% more hairs” in just one pass. All in all, producing a super smooth, incredibly close shave.

‘Self Sharpening’ V Blades

With the shavers, they have managed to perform a V-Track precision blade system that manages for a more optimized cutting location, that gets thirty percent closer - and as a result a smoother and more comfortable shave. They also actually have a ‘self-sharpening’ mechanism to make sure you get a stellar shave each and every day.

They also manage to lie flat lying hairs with the dual blade system: basically the first one is shaped to lift up the hair and then the second comes in for a cut “below skin level” for super “smooth results” - this is actually a fairly common feature amongst shavers now, but still an effective one.

You’re also provided with a “click on trimmer” to help give you a killer stache and sideburns to suit if needed. Simply attached on top and then gives you a thin trimming edge to shape it up how you want.


You also get a choice of three shaver settings:

Cleaning Docking Station

Although we went into it a little in some detail above, the docking station is a great piece of kit in its own right. It helps to not only charge the shaver so you are ready each and every time but it also helps to keep it in tip top condition through lubricating, drying and cleansing it - to keep it working like new.

Battery Performance

They are both relatively good in this regard too, the 9300 and 9700 are packed with a lithium ion battery that ensures like the Braun shavers actually - that you can get a quick 5 minute charge in a matter of minutes or you can fully charge it - and it will operate for 50 minutes.

Which to choose?

The differences are really that small between them, that it’s not even really worth getting concerned about - in although you can argue that the 9700 does edge it, although slightly. Let me know if you have any queries and let me know which model you’re going to go for.